About Dan Sauer

I've been a graphic designer for over 24 years. My main website, DanSauerDesign.com, focuses mostly on logo design and corporate identity creation, but I have experience designing a wide variety of items, from ads and brochures to book covers and magazine layouts. 

I have an intense interest in working with other creative people. In recent years, I’ve had the opportunity to combine my experience in graphic design and illustration with my passion for weird fiction through my work on The Audient Void, a magazine specializing in weird fiction and dark fantasy. That has happily led to ongoing book cover design work with Hippocampus Press, a preeminent publisher of scholarly and original work in weird fiction and poetry. And I've recently worked with Planet X Publications on the cover art and design for the forthcoming limited edition hardcover of their charity anthology, 32 White Horse on a Vermillion Hill. I hope to expand this list in the coming months and years.

I'm always looking for new publishers and authors to work with. Please feel free to send me an inquiry via email.

Here are some of my specific skills:

  • Highly skilled at vector drawing and photo editing
  • Custom, hand-drawn title lettering for book covers, etc.
  • Vector and montage-style illustrations
  • Restoration of vintage illustrations
  • Book cover design (for both print and e-books)
  • Layout and typography
  • Graphics for websites and social media
  • Package design and art for musical albums
  • Pitch books and related materials for filmmakers
  • Avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, horror and related subgenres

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